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Ferocious is a no word count post-apoc supernatural site based around the small fictional town of New Greenwich, Oregon and the Ferocious, a non-playable monster that lurks just outside the city walls.
We are a premium forum which requires our members to be 18+ yrs. We use the alerts system and require sub-accounts for each character (OOC are optional). If you have questions don't hesitate to poke our cbox and or IM/PM a staff member!
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Thank you to all of our members both present and past for 2 amazing years. It's with a heavy heart that we see this place closed but it's not all for naught. From the ashes of Fero has already come wonderful things and we are all excited to see where the future takes us.

To all our current members/account holders, you all have access to the offline board on all of your accounts so feel free to continue to stop by and or keep moving your things! We hope to see you all in the future!~

To everyone that stops by with interest please see the two offshoot sites that have come from the ashes of this place!
Fugue State - (modern day SNL sandbox)
Legend - (small-town deity possession)
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