Ferocious is an 18+ supernatural and post apocalyptic RP based in the city-state of New Greenwich, Oregon with a rating of 3/3/3. Please register an OOC account then a character account, before applying. The Cbox is guest-friendly, so please feel free to ask any questions!


10.8 - NEW EVENT! It's that time of the year, Trick or Treat Ferocians!

10.1 - Halloween month announcement! Please take a read HERE

9.15 - Everyone loves a bargain? Wanted Spotlights and Character Spotlights now cost less gems! Take a peek Here.

9.15 - WE NEED YOU! (And your opinions). Movie night is looking for new days & times that suit YOU Click Me.

8.8 - A mysterious murder has taken place at the Unity Monument! Details HERE.

7.29 - Event update #3! Enter to win a piece of artwork from Pinky! Details HERE.

7.19 — Event update #2! A fae section has been open to the public in the zoo with necessary precautions set in place!

7.09 — Event update #1! Have your character sponsor an animal! Find out more HERE!

7.08 — Our first event is up! Come learn about the New Greenwich tradition of the Summer Gala HERE!

7.03 — Our second movie night is Wednesday 7.12. Suggest a movie HERE!

6.24 — Our first movie night is Wednesday 6.28. Suggest a movie HERE!

6.16 — You've decided! Here's when our next event will be!

6.09 — When should we have our next event? You decide!

6.03 — We have a new skin on the site! Have any feedback? Found a gremlin running around? Let us know HERE!

6.01 — Our winners in the Anniversary Emoji Hunt have been announced. Congrats to everyone!

5.17 — We're one month old! Join the celebration and get a prize!

5.07 — Has your character ever wanted their tarot cards read? Now they can! Sign up HERE

4.22 — Come play real life D&D with your character! Sign up HERE

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Aleksander Antonov

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Halloween Event!

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Marquez Reyes


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Do you have a great link or resource for RP that you'd like to share with everyone? Post it in here. Character exercises and surveys are welcome.
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How about a nice game of chess?

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Games? I love games. Post me up some games so I can play too!
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Graphics & Code

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Need to try out a code but don't want to scratch your shiny thread tracker? Make your own thread for testing here. Like to share your graphics with others? Okay! Make a shop so others can bother you incessantly for your beautiful graphics!
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You... you're going to leave us? ;.; Come back soon, and tell us all about your adventures!
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