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 Into the Woods We Go!, It's a different kind of fairytale!
 Posted on: May 10 2017, 08:28 PM
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Into the Woods
The Trees Are Just Woods
It can happen anywhere at anytime. Someone or something has been shifting reality to make it seem as if something right out of a fairytale is coming to life. While this strange phenomena has happened again and again, no one can really recollect how they suddenly got there. One thing is to be sure though, it's not a dream.
The Woods Are Just Trees
Characters can be out and about anywhere when they're suddenly transported to what seems like another realm. They may have been out shopping or simply taken a walk in the woods, driving their car, even just been sitting at home but they can't ever seem to remember just how it was that they've woken up in this strange place that holds no real likeness to the surroundings that are New Greenwich, however exuberant or mundane. Fortunately, or unfortunately, hey're not the only ones!

When your character wakes in this setting of the world (which will be explained in the starting post of the thread by yours truly via the Nightmother account), they will be dressed much in the same fashion as their elected (and supposed) fairytale character depending upon which story is about to unfold. Now, there's no real script to stick to, but every now and again, I'll be coming in with some twist or turn to put them on and their end goal could be anything from finding a wishing well to escape through to having to put down the big bad villain of the tale, which may even be among one of the played characters! By no means does your character have to start actually acting like the character (in personality that is) but any attributes to make them a little quirky and confused is obviously welcomed!

Mostly, this will be character driven, so you're free to place your own spin on things however you like and, if ever you're unsure of something, you can feel free to poke me about any questions or if it's okay/not okay to have something come about in your character's post. For the most part though, I will be trying to guide you along a somewhat linear path as to the end game, including throwing in the occasional NPC. Characters can be injured and may even die, though if the latter comes to pass, they simply awake out in the middle of nowhere within the woods (somewhere around fae territory) and may still retain the injuries from the venture. They also do not have to match the gender as the fairytale character (so think of it as a gender swap for that role). You can either choose your character's roll or leave it to me to make it entirely random!

Only real rules are:
- Your characters don't have to entirely take on the persona of the character they're cast as, more so they're just filling the role (but it's up to you if they go for it 100%!) - No one is to know immediately how to get out of the place.
- No one is to know who's behind it all this, as well as why.
- If they have any abilities, they cannot (for whatever reason) be used, though they still remain as their species.
- Players have 2 days to respond and replies should be kept short (preferably no more than 400 words).
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Hansel & Gretel
Hansel as played by.................Character Name
Gretel as played by..................Character Name
The Witch as played by.............Gabriel Quinn
Rapunzel as played by....................Character Name
Dame Gothel as played by..............Character Name
The Prince as played by..................Character Name
Little Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood as played by................Character Name
Granny as played by...............................Nina Carmondy
The Huntsman as played by...................Andrei Vasiliev
Big Bad Wolf as played by.......................Character Name
Andrei Vasiliev
 Posted on: Aug 15 2017, 11:26 PM
age: 186 occupation: Teacher organization: Etawa posts: 23 gems: 1025


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Andrei Vasiliev as The Huntsman!
Gabriel Quinn
 Posted on: Aug 15 2017, 11:49 PM
age: 35 occupation: Manager - Red Door Bloodery organization: Calpulli (ish) posts: 359 gems: 2225


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Hansel & Gretel: The Witch for Gabe
Nina Carmondy
 Posted on: Aug 16 2017, 07:32 AM
age: 55 occupation: Musician | Bartender organization: Etewa posts: 22 gems: 600


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Choices, Choices! And I only have one to throw in there... errmmm...

Nina as Granny! Cause a wolf getting eaten by a wolf amuses me!

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