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 Power Positions, information and openings
The Nightmother
 Posted on: Apr 10 2017, 05:14 PM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

Power Positions
Our list of current ranked positions and their descriptions as well if they have been filled or not. Keep in mind that, for the moment, we are not allowing any new packs or covens. Additional groups will be listed if there is an opening for such. The Fae Court is currently NPC only and therefore no ranked positions are available for this faction. Be mindful that not every leading male or female in a group has to be a 'good ruler' just one that gets the job done and deals with dilemma accordingly as well as that names and genders (with some exceptions) are all set as placeholders.

The Conclave
Fae Councilwoman: Ilona Rosenberg (Played by Avy)
Human Councilwoman: Sally Merritt (NPC/OPEN)
Werewolf Councilman: Evan Elderidge (NPC/OPEN)
Witch Councilman: Elias Martin (NPC/OPEN)
Vampire Councilman: Isaac Godfrey (Played by Fen)
Formed in the year 2265, the Conclave has sense replaced what was the Vampire Council within New Greenwich. With representatives from each race, it acts as a assembly in which votes on major projects and laws for the city. They meet monthly to approve or deny various inputs towards the city and its needs, varying from trade to commerce to medical to residential and so forth. Nothing is officially established without their say so.

City Figureheads
Chief of D.N.: Richard Addison (NPC/OPEN)
Chief of Media: Finn Sawyer (NPC/OPEN)
Chief of Medical: Gabriella Sanchez (NPC/OPEN)
Chief of Police: Olivia Martin (NPC/OPEN)
Head of City Security: Nikolai Volkov (Played by Pinky)
NGW Security ensures that the defenses within the city, including the Defense Network, Police Department, Fire Department, etc. are up-to-date and are ever being improved upon. The Wall is the highest priority and any repairs needed are overseen by the director. What he says typically goes when it comes to any new laws, guidelines, etc. about home or city security. Anything extreme is then passed on to the master of the city to sign off on, but together the two work in tandem to aspire that the city is safe by most means where it truly counts. It takes a stern and refined figure to do the job right and there is no leeway for leniency when it comes to the safety of the NGW settlement and its citizens.
High Priestess: Danika Buhr (Female Vampire NPC/OPEN)
The High Priestess is the head of the Nightmother Covenant in the city, the vampire religion. She advises the master on the will of the Nightmother and how policies may conflict with her rulings.

Alkamia Coven
Leader: Elias Martin (NPC/OPEN)
Alkamia's head witch should reinforce the statement of which this coven makes: might is magic. While this is open to interpretation, for years the Alkamia coven has seen magic as an offense just as much as a defense. They're known for being confrontational and more of the 'physical' kind of coven. They rely on encouraging strengths and dissolving weaknesses. The head witch should be set as someone that used power or prowess to assume their position and keeping it under reign. They should be open for allowing their coven members to come to them with problems or discussions, as well as open to his/her advisers on particular matters. This coven is pro-familiar and has his coven specialize in spells and rituals.

Etawa Pack
Alpha: Riley Bennet (Played by Fen)
Beta: Evan Eldridge (NPC/OPEN)
Omega: Anna Weldon (NPC/OPEN)
Established just a few years after New Greenwich was founded, the Etawa Pack has been around so long as to see the city grow and prosper, originally instating themselves as its defenders until the Defense Network was formed. Since then, they've essentially policed their territory within Ceder Heights and had been the largest pack in NGW until the recent uprising of the Resistance, when their numbers shrank drastically though remain as the only pack within the city. As a result, not only have they taken on other survivors of disassembled wolf packs but are extremely wary of other species while they regain their numbers and strength back to the prowess they once had. With their former pack leader, Riley's significant other, having been MIA since the last six years, she's taken over as alpha, which has made things a little more than shaky considering recent events.


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