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 Svetlana Godfrey, 34 | Half-Dryad | Darla Baker
Svetlana Godfrey
 Posted on: Jun 17 2014, 03:54 AM
age: Thirty-four occupation: Adviser to the Conclave organization: The Conclave posts: 176 gems: 3125


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Svetlana Antonov Godfrey Plant your hope with good seeds


FULL NAME: Svetlana Katerina Antonov Godfrey
GENDER: Female
DATE OF BIRTH: September 15, 2235.
AGE: Thirty-four
HOMETOWN: Kiev, Ukraine
OCCUPATION: Assistant to the Human Councilor, & part time violist for the NGW symphony
SPECIES: Fae - Half-dryad
HEIGHT: 5'9" or 175 cm
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
FACE CLAIM: Darla Baker


PARENTS: Mother, Unknown; Father, Mykhailo Antonov (deceased); Stepmother, Anastasya Antonov (deceased); Guardians, Juno & Scarlet York
SIBLINGS:Aleksander Antonov, 37 (missing - see want ad!)
PETS:Caligula (Doberman Pinscher), 9
Milonia/Mila (Miniature Schnauzer), 6



Since she was young, Lana has had a great desire to help others. Race or species has never precluded her from lending a hand when she could, either with fae, were, animal or human. This was never taught to her, but rather came from within. Her father was not the sort of man to natural help others, though he did love his daughter. Perhaps it came from her strong Roman Catholic upbringing, which to this day she is extremely devoted. Some might consider her good-natured personality to be fake upon first meeting her, but anyone who took the time to know her would learn otherwise.

Beyond her gentle and kind demeanor, Lana is incredibly inquisitive and intuitive. These two attributes are most likely to get her in trouble, along with her propensity to being naive when it comes to others being treacherous or less kind than herself. She believes that the sick can be healed, the dead are at peace, the evil can be rehabilitated and the unjust can be rectified. When there is something her curious nature wants to know, she'll dig her nose into it, regardless of the consequences sometimes. Her intuition normally takes over sometimes making her decisions seem impulsive, but often they'll lead her to the answers she seeks, even if they happen to be dangerous.

Lana also has a great love for music, having managed to pick up her father's talent for string instruments. The Yorks were good enough to indulge her love for music and paid for piano lessons, as well as giving her her first viola, a year after she first starting living with them. She has a great talent for it, and manages, somehow to squeeze being an understudy for the viola section whenever there needs to be a replacement. Should she have the time, Svetlana would easily rise to the top of her section.

positive Empathetic, Kind, Giving, Loyal, Intelligent, Inquisitive, Intuitive

negative Naive, Jealous, Workaholic, Insecure, Nosey

likes Nature, Flowers, Tea, Reading a book by the fireplace, Animals, Music

dislikes poverty, racial injustice, paparazzi, the color yellow, cliffhangers


Mykhailo Antonov was taken to bed by a woman in a field outside of his large manor in Kiev. She was unlike anything he'd ever seen before, a beauty beyond words, and where she walked, flowers bloomed in her wake. Long flowing hair, skin that seemed to shine like gold in the sunlight and eyes that were the color of tall grass in summer. After that night, he never saw her again, and in truth, when Mykhailo awoke in one of the wooded acres of his land, grass in his hair and his horse nearby, the man swore it must have been a dream.

Nine months later, Svetlana arrived on his doorstep bundled in animal skins her eyes the color of a clear sky in summer. It had taken quite some convincing of Anastasya, to raise and care of a child not her own, but she loved her husband despite the strange story he revealed to her, and Svetlana was such a baby that you could only love her.

Their small family lived in a small town that had once been founded by Svetlana's ancestors, most of the shops and even the town square being named after their family: Antonov. Before the Fae had taken over, her family had been wealthy, and while the fae mostly left humans alone unless they rebelled, having a half fae child meant that the Antonovs were put in the a spotlight once more. For the first eight years of her life, Lana showed no signs of her abilities other than a latent desire to be outside and to be close to all things nature. However, when flowers began to bloom underneath her bare feet and animals began to flock to her, Mykhailo feared that his daughter would be noticed and taken away by the fae who would surely wish to raise her as one of their own. In what seemed perhaps a desperate measure, they split. Anastasya took Aleksander and Mykhailo took Svetlana and they went their separate ways, promising to meet again.

Fate took them to America by ship to get away from the Fae population, but Mykhailo was suprised to find that plenty of America was far worse off than home. Eventually, they arrived in New Greenwich, exhausted from running, and with the hopes that they would be able to contact the rest of their family. Mykhailo knew there was something the moment they tried to enter the gates. The shifters there had immediately known him for human, but Svetlana was fae. Separating the two of them, Mykhailo fought and met with a rifle butt to the head. He fell to the ground, his head hitting the concrete like a wet cantaloupe.

Svetlana screamed, birds cawed in response, and the grasses died around them. Trees bent and groaned in the wind as though they too were full of grief. The wolf shifter that held her felt immediate regret, trying to calm the squirming eleven year old. Unsure of what to do, or what might become of him if it got word out that he'd killed a piece of livestock, the shifter worked fast.

He and his comrades disposed of the body and silenced the half-fae with a hand to the mouth, suffocating her until she passed out. He took her to Fox's Fancy. It was the only place in town where he didn't think the Fae would outright murder him for what he'd done. Juno and Scarlet York took in the young girl, questioning the shifter, and the young girl went to live with the sisters, going between her two new moms, scared and afraid of the new world she'd been brought into alone.

It was clear early on that while Lana had the grace of a dancer, she would never be suitable as a stripper, and her fear of strangers made her unsuitable for courtesan work. Scarlet set to work home schooling the half-dryad with whatever knowledge she could, realizing that she had a knack for learning. She had a late start, but Svetlana soon was reading every book she could, escaping into the worlds they created. Meanwhile, Juno did her best to cheer up the girl, spoiling her with whatever a young girl could ever want, although Lana asked for very little from her surrogate mother's. Much to the confusion of the Kitsune sisters, one of Lana's favorite activities was going to the shelter in the slums. Juno tried to convince Lana that what they did at Fox Fancy was very much the same just with different tools and a cleaner atmosphere, mostly joking.

The most trying part of her life was when her magic started to bloom. Both Kitsunes reveled in her magic, but for Svetlana it reminded her of her father, of times long ago lost to her, and only brought her pain. There were things she could not turn off: animals' natural attraction to her, flora blooming more happily in her presence, but the active magic she begged Juno and Scarlet to help her lose. Not understanding, but not wanting their surrogate daughter to be in pain, they found a witch who helped to bind her powers, putting up a mental wall, which for all intents and purposes would stay in tact so long as no undue stress was given to the girl.

When she was old enough, the sisters sent her to University, and Svetlana got her degree in higher education and her masters in counseling. She took up a job working at the University as an English professor and on the weekends she worked counseling shifts for troubled students at the Shifter and Witch academies. To this day she still works at the shelter, handing out food and talking to people, helping her to think less of her past.

The shelter was what got her noticed by Isaac Godfrey when she sent in a very angry letter about the way the poorest parts of the city were being treated. She was invited to help plan a revamping of the Waterfront District which resulted in the Reformer's Borough, a neighborhood much safer and cleaner than the area had seen in ages. Unfortunately, shortly after the Borough was unveiled, there was the Resistance rebellion. Isaac and herself, along with many of the other government workers were taken hostage.

Lana's powers had reached their breaking point beyond the seal, and took over her mind, leaving her with nothing but emotion. She managed to break Isaac from his prison, along with a few others, and in the process killed many Resistance. A memory which she cannot remember, but was told relunctantly by her husband months later. It is something she still regrets, and her powers while being controlled by metitation and relaxing techniques, still slip from her grasp sometimes.

Afterwards, the two were evacuated to Olympia where Lana and Isaac found refuge, and she was offered a job by the Mistress of the City, Vera Jónsdóttir. For several months there, Lana learned about city planning and helped with addressing the needs of some of the dirtiest, and poorest parts of the city. She continued to do so, even after New Greenwich was reclaimed, flying out on occasion to make sure that her project did not fall apart.

Once humans were considered free, Lana jumped at the chance to help out, and was one of the founders of the bill creating aid and welfare programs for the newly freed humans. When the Conclave was formed, and Sally Merritt was elected to her position, Lana applied to be her assistant, and was accepted. On a daily basis, she now helps and advises the councilor on political climates, and needs of the humans as well.


Lana is probably the easiest person to find friends for! She's sweet, loves people, and is extremely accessible as she works at several different places around town: the Capitol working as Assistant to Sally Merritt, a sub for the NGW Orchestra, and she spends free time at the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter. If your character has access to any of these places, then they probably know Lana.

She is extremely busy but always makes time for her friends as she can. Despite being married, she has her own friends, though it can be a little harder now since plenty of people have political prejudice against her husband. Still, while she loves spending time with her husband, she does not exclusively spend all her freetime with him!


Svetlana is extremely kind and giving. She genuinely wants to help others, and because of this, sometimes she gets taken advantage of. Sometimes she realizes it, sometimes she doesn't, but she has powerful allies who will take care of her should a true villain appear. This doesn't mean I'm not open to enemies, and in fact, considering her new position working with the Conclave as assistant to the human councilor, I'm almost expecting someone to come up with a strong aversion to her plans to divert some of the wealth to human aid and welfare. Beyond this, she is married to the vampire Councilor which obviously gives plenty of people motivation to want to get close to her. This could be another way to make some enemies!


Lana didn't have much romantic experience before she met Isaac, but afterwards she was smitten. They've been married for three years, quite happily, and while she does have a jealous side, she's not interested in straying in the least. She is utterly pleased and content with her relationship.

the player

alias: Starling
pronouns: She
age: 30
timezone: CST
where did you find us: I'm an admin. :)
mature content: Yep, let's make sure we know what we're getting into ahead of time though.

other characters:
Quetzala Andrew Wallace
Saoirse Blackwood

 Posted on: Jun 18 2014, 02:32 AM
age: 28 occupation: Welcome Wagon! organization: Staff posts: 205 gems: 215


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Whoo! Congratulations on having your character accepted! We can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Be sure to post to any and all claims which you can see listed below. Welcome to Ferocious!

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