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 Sweet Creature, Tag, Svetlana
Pixie Mordecai
 Posted on: Dec 11 2017, 05:21 AM
age: 26 occupation: organization: posts: 10 gems: 300


shipper tracker message

She'd lost track of time long ago, a habit that was exceedingly dangerous for someone like her to get into considering the destruction that dawn now brought with it for her. Although to be fair, and for some amount of personally awarded points, she was currently trying to find her way back home. A vague look on her face with an occasional huff and she swept messily down one street, her fingertips gently brushing along the grimy brick wall that was slightly wet. Pixie didn't appear to care too much about the dirt, a hazy look in her dreamy eyes as she tilted her head to the side. Those soft golden locks tumbled down her shoulders, messy and tussled from a lively evening.

A faint smile delicately touched her lips, it'd been a long time since she'd so strongly felt the familiar warmth that alcohol brought. Easily achieved under her parents roof as a human, but as a vampire where they were more watchful and drinking was substantially harder? Not so simple. They'd watched her so carefully, so perhaps now that she was on her own she'd taken it a shade far too fast. All the same, she'd enjoyed herself immensely. Glancing up a tall building she stopped her staggering stroll, leaning against the corner beneath a streetlamp and exhaling slowly. The freedom felt like relief, especially with the familiar numbness of her mind thanks to carefully mixed blood and alcohol. What a blessing. Though she couldn't stay here all night and she had to at least figure out where she was if she was going to find her way to more familiar grounds. Her mind told her to ask the first person she could find when she turned around, so swiftly spinning on her heel her gaze fell upon an individual.

“HelllloooOOooo!” she called out cheerily across the dark street. That's right, act friendly and they'll have nothing to worry about! As if anyone would be scared of the tiny blonde girl in heels flouncing across the street towards them in a shimmering body-con dress and a jacket. The target of chance, for the ridiculous Pixie, was another woman. She thought that to be quite a wise choice rather than a strange man on the street, though truthfully if she'd turned around and seen one it very well could have been to same results. The woman, from what she could see, seemed fairly normal at first glance with her beautifully dark hair framing a pretty little face. Although Pixie knew fairly well looks could be deceiving she never seemed concerned enough to heed the concept to any importance. After crossing the street and waving at a vehicle that had screeched to a stop before it could paste her into the pavement she staggered up the curb. Giggling girlishly at her own clumsiness she wrapped a hand around the rusty pole of a nearby sign to steady herself.

“You're out rather late!” she bleated, before a bashful grin formed on her face and she proceeded to wrinkle her nose and shake her head. “I don't actually know what time it is...” she confessed her lie almost immediately, as if it were of any consequence as it was let alone to a stranger. Pixie continued though, as if she hadn't made a fool of herself enough and she was determined to do so even more.

“Miss I was wondering if I could I beg a favor of you?” she asked, pressing a hand to her cheek as if to steady herself as her other hand drifted from the sign's support. After a few drinks she tended to flourish politeness in a dramatic way and find it rather amusing. At the very least it was amusing to her. She swayed gently, giggling a moment to herself as she regained her balance in front of the woman before focusing her fluttering gaze on her like a dear puppy.

Svetlana Godfrey
 Posted on: Dec 14 2017, 08:48 PM
age: Thirty-four occupation: Adviser to the Conclave organization: The Conclave posts: 176 gems: 3125


shipper tracker message

The greeting echoed a bit in the street. At this point, the area near the soup kitchen was rather quiet, as vampires were not the primary demographic for them. Most of the time vampires were able to acquire money, homes and blood through various means. Humans were their number one species, followed by werewolves and then finally witches. There were fae and vampire, just not many.

So when she heard the hello coming across from her, Lana clutched onto her purse a bit tighter, her fingers slipping inside it to grab the bottle of mace she had. The general vicinity was much safer than it once had been, but Lana had still learned basic self-defense from a kind kitsune friend who had enlisted in the DN quite some time ago. She wasn't as easy a target as she looked, but that same deception could be said about anyone, including the leggy blonde across the street making eyes at her.

"Watch out!" Lana said, finally giving the blonde the attention she seemed to be craving as a car nearly plowed into the woman as she crossed the street. The half-fae cringed watching her wave at the car, which honked angrily, yelling a little out the window before speeding off. The woman who Lana was realizing was very drunk didn't seem to give it any notice.

She mentioned it was late, and Svetlana had to agree with that. It was far later than she had intended on leaving the soup kitchen, and although she had texted Isaac to let him know her whereabouts, she knew he wasn't particularly keen on her being out alone this late. Regardless, there had been chores to do, paperwork to finish, and meetings to be had with the staff of the homeless shelter, so there wasn't much to do about it, Lana told herself. A quick glance was given to her phone which she pulled out of her purse. "It's 2 am," she informed the drunk woman wondering if she should ask her if she needed help, when surprisingly the drunkard asked.

"It's unlikely that you need to beg, only ask," Lana said, catching herself mimicking Isaac's style of speaking and having to keep her mouth from twitching in amusement. "Are you all right?" The phone was slotted back into her purse, and Lana was now very much aware of the smell of alcohol coming off the woman.

"How can I help?" Lana hoped that she did not regret asking as she once again let her fingers curl about a bottle of mace in her purse once more. Lana's gaze scanned up and down the street, as if not only the drunk person in front of her, but other people might be waiting to ambush her at any moment. Certainly, she didn't feel comfortable right now, but at least she knew that the shelter was only a few hundred yards away.

@Pixie Mordecai


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