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 Cedric Morland, 342 | Dragon | Richard Armitage
Cedric Morland
 Posted on: Sep 18 2017, 04:57 PM
age: 342 occupation: organization: The Brotherhood posts: 5 gems: 175


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Cedric Morland For In this Brotherhood, I still believe. For the ones we've lost my soul will grieve.


FULL NAME: Cedric Morland
NICKNAME: Ahearn (To be used by his brothers and likely Nerys only)
DATE OF BIRTH: Spring of 58 AD
AGE:342 (Appears late thirties/Early forties) Hibernated for 1,810 years
OCCUPATION: Currently Unemployed
ORGANIZATION: The Brotherhood
SPECIES:Acidic Dragon
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 200ish lbs
SCARS: A host of scars. All of which appear old and have knotted the flesh. Mostly on his chest, back and arms. These remain unglamoured.
FACE CLAIM: Richard Armitage


PARENTS: Mother, Yaine; Father, Rhisiart
SIBLINGS: Nerys, 439 Nesta, 431; Sial, 428 (All Half Siblings)
OTHER FAMILY: The Brotherhood, Edmund, 10( Son Desceased) Rhoswen, 7 (Daughter Desceased)
PETS:Llywn, Horse (Deceased)



positive Honest, Loyal, Brave, Protective, Steadfast, Honorable

negative Passionate, Stubborn, Protective, Old Fashioned, Prideful

likes Sitting atop a horse, Ceinwen's smiles, The rustling of leaves, a good and honest rain, his brothers in arms

dislikes Nerys, Dishonor and Disloyalty, Bullies, Cars, New Greenwich, Braggarts


There was no loud clap of thunder or howl of the wind that heralded his birth and there was certainly no audience patiently awaiting the arrival of their destined savior. His birth was as average and unremarkable as any other child being born of the time without means or connections. His mother was a fair and even tempered lady's maid hailing from the the south of Wales that had the fortune or misfortune of catching the eye of his biological father. It was love, at least on her part that drew her into such an affair with a man her senior and above her own station. For the better part of his life however, young Ahearn knew nothing of the man that was his biological father. Always supposing in his adulthood it had been a burden his mother thought she needed to bear alone, Ahearn had grown up believing that the man married to his mother was his true father.

Even though the man he believed was his father was a lesser noble, Ahearn grew up simple and humble alongside the very people that worked the land around him, like his "father" "older brother" and mother had. There was no courtly intrigue or grooming to become some great leader of men and fae in those pleasant years. His tutors filled his head with knowledge and his "father" taught him how to be a fair man, a good man and how to protect what would one day be his older brother's lands. It was his mother however, that taught him what it meant to be a dragon and what it meant to be Fae. While he never would claim to be the brightest, the best or even the strongest, Ahearn knew it was not the fault of the teacher but the student and it only meant he had to work harder to be deserving of all that he was taught.

It was not until the passing of his "father", when he was already a man grown leading men of his "brother's" house against small skirmishes along the coast that Ahearn learned the awful truth that shattered all illusion he had of his family and where he was from. Returning to the side of his father's deathbed, his mother broke her long silence at last. In that moment, everything should have come crashing down around him. The truth was, letting him know that his father was some high and mighty dragon lording it over on some large keep far away from their humble home, he had never come back for the son and hier he apparently had wanted. Perhaps he had a few other sons ahead of Ahearn and Ahearn was just a spare to be held onto for a rainy day. Whatever the reason, Ahearn did not care. His world was not in some cliffside castle, it was on the ground, fighting beside other good and decent men that wanted to protect their homes from invaders.

He had all but forgotten the circumstances of his birth when he was unceremonously summoned to meet the first time a half sister he had no knowledge of until that day. While she had not summoned him out of any desire to know that little brother she recently found out she had, Ahearn only hoped that despite the terrible father they both shared they could grow close. Had things between them been different, perhaps they might have been close but the unseen and unspoken rift between them was larger than Ahearn could ever imagine. He was the rightful heir and the son that their father had desperately wanted, she was the spare put to the side when Ahearn had been born and Ahearn wanted nothing to do with any of it. While that pleased her greatly, enough to spare his life that day, he knew that there would be no room to know one another as brother and sister. As long as he stayed out of her way and away from her ambition, he was free to continue the only life he had ever known or wanted.

At some point, Ahearn had the good fortune to meet a gentle human woman, that was more beautiful than the stars in the sky and sweeter than any flower. She too became his world and together they started a family. All good things must eventually come to an end and when border skirmishes and coastal raiders grew ever bolder and fear and chaos began to wash over the land, it was Ahearn who rallied men and fae alike to his side to turn them back. One such young man, was his own nephew, son of Nerys herself. It was Emrys' death that would be the catalyst for an even larger war upon their shores. For when Ahearn traveled back to the seat of Nerys' domain with the body of her son, heartsick with grief at the death of her beloved child, Nerys cursed Ahearn and all he held dear. Guilty over the accident that had occured (He would never have allowed Nerys' son to join him, had he known his true identity at the time), Ahearn tried to reason with his half-sister and ended up fleeing for his life instead.

When the light finally left his beloved's eyes a fortnight later after being taken so violently ill, and his children too began to show signs of this sudden and inexplicable illness, Ahearn's gaze fixed on Nerys and the acenstral home that meant so much to her and vowed vengeance for the blow she had struck him. Against the better council of his friends and brethren, Ahearn retaliated when Nerys would least expect it, pillaging the large horde of treasure beneath the castle before reducing it all to rubble and ruin. While it might have set Nerys and her grand schemes back forcing her to flee the land he loved so much, it did nothing to soften the rage and sadness that festered in his heart now.

Ahearn's half-sister did not go quietly into the night and instead returned after licking her wounds with an army of Saxon invaders, sweeping through parts of the land. It was Ahearn and those most bravest and steadfast of brothers in arms that met them at each and every turn, finally turning the tides of what seemed a lost cause. Together they succeeded in driving them further and further back and just when they believed they might truly rid Briton of her invaders and settle back into a time of peace, Nerys struck one final blow against Ahearn and his brothers. A curse she had no business playing with was unleashed, turning them all to stone, a lifetime frozen in place while the world continued on without them. Soon Ahearn and his brothers faded from the minds and hearts of the people and spiraled into obsucurity and fable.

Hundreds of years later, the curse has been lifted or perhaps even broken and Ahearn and those most loyal to him are no longer stone but flesh and blood once more. Revived into a world he could never have imagined even in his most wildest of dreams, Ahearn finds himself plunged into world that he does not understand but that is equally filled with danger and fear. While he knows nothing of this world yet, the curse broke at this point and at this time for a reason and perhaps it was time for Ahearn and his brothers to help the people once more.

He only needs to find them all first.


Once upon a time the man known as Ahearn welcomed any man to his camp and befriended them. These days, Cedric is far more suspicious and closed off. Grateful for the friends he does have from a time when the world made sense, Cedric believes himself content within his circle. However, if Cedric is to grow and to become a part of the world he now finds himself in, he will need to learn to trust people again and once more welcome strangers to his hearth.

Cedric will be shattered by the world he has awakened to and needs like-minded people around him, good and decent folk who believe in a world that can change and can be changed for the better. People that will not shrink away from injustice no matter how big or small it might seem. He needs friends that will be patient and help teach him about the new world. While all of his friends have been men, Cedric will need honest and good women to befriend as well, if he is ever going to shed his old habits and ways of thinking to adapt to the times.


As a man that walks the side of good and justice, Cedric will likely make many enemies that take issue with someone like that. The original "knight in shining armor ideal" Cedric laid the groundwork for what he hoped would be future generations to uphold themselves to. While that backfired spectacularly, he has not given up hope completely. It just takes a one person to do the right thing for others to follow suit. He will put himself in harms way often and stick is his long nose in the business of others if he has to for good or ill.


Having already experienced the greatest love of his life, a love that he still holds very near and dear to his heart. It will be difficult for him to have eyes or room in his heart for anyone else other then his brethren. He still believes in the ideal of true love but does not believe he is a man that likely deserves it again or that having experienced it once already should be content with the experience and leave it that. Cedric is not a flirt and will do his level best to not mislead any women in his acquaintance.

the player

alias: Pinky
age: 35 Years Young
timezone: Central
where did you find us: I live here now
mature content: Let's discuss it first!

other characters:
Nivien St. Croix Nikolai Volkov
Marcus Becket Camila Sotello

 Posted on: Sep 26 2017, 01:15 AM
age: 29 occupation: Lore Slave organization: The Night~ posts: 160 gems: 805


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 Posted on: Jan 29 2018, 10:42 PM
age: 29 occupation: Lore Slave organization: The Night~ posts: 160 gems: 805


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