Ferocious is an 18+ supernatural and post apocalyptic RP based in the city-state of New Greenwich, Oregon with a rating of 3/3/3. Please register an OOC account then a character account, before applying. The Cbox is guest-friendly, so please feel free to ask any questions!


12.7.2017 - We need your help! Let us know what kind of plot you want to see in the upcoming year Here!

11.6 - Our annual Halloween celebrations have drawn to a close. Remember to claim your bonuses and be the on the lookout for our next event soon.

10.16 - We're SIX MONTHS OLD! Thankyou everyone who has joined us for this fantastic ride so far, there shall be many, many more! <3

10.8 - NEW EVENT! It's that time of the year, Trick or Treat Ferocians!

10.1 - Halloween month announcement! Please take a read HERE

9.15 - Everyone loves a bargain? Wanted Spotlights and Character Spotlights now cost less gems! Take a peek Here.

9.15 - WE NEED YOU! (And your opinions). Movie night is looking for new days & times that suit YOU Click Me.

8.8 - A mysterious murder has taken place at the Unity Monument! Details HERE.

7.29 - Event update #3! Enter to win a piece of artwork from Pinky! Details HERE.

7.19 — Event update #2! A fae section has been open to the public in the zoo with necessary precautions set in place!

7.09 — Event update #1! Have your character sponsor an animal! Find out more HERE!

7.08 — Our first event is up! Come learn about the New Greenwich tradition of the Summer Gala HERE!

7.03 — Our second movie night is Wednesday 7.12. Suggest a movie HERE!

6.24 — Our first movie night is Wednesday 6.28. Suggest a movie HERE!

6.16 — You've decided! Here's when our next event will be!

6.09 — When should we have our next event? You decide!

6.03 — We have a new skin on the site! Have any feedback? Found a gremlin running around? Let us know HERE!

6.01 — Our winners in the Anniversary Emoji Hunt have been announced. Congrats to everyone!

5.17 — We're one month old! Join the celebration and get a prize!

5.07 — Has your character ever wanted their tarot cards read? Now they can! Sign up HERE

4.22 — Come play real life D&D with your character! Sign up HERE

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Magdalene Dornbos

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 How to Join, interested? here's a guide to go by!
The Nightmother
 Posted on: Jan 8 2015, 01:31 AM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

Welcome to Ferocious!
One of us, One of us, One of us...
So you've stopped by to take a look at us? Awesome! First, lemme tell you a bit about us.

We at Ferocious are an 18+, mature post-apocalyptic supernatural creatures RP that takes place in the year 2270 with writers that enjoy character development and growth of all kinds, from site wide to member group to personal plots of varying drama, action, and feels. Most of our members post anywhere from every day to every few days, sometimes a little longer depending on the month/season. We're warm and welcoming and certainly don't mind working with you to get things falling into place once you have a basis for a character concept! Given our setting is placed in the future, much of the world has changed; though we are by no means a science fiction RP, despite general medical and technological advances throughout the Blood War. If this description has piqued your interest or sounds right up your alley, then you're well on your way to following the guide below to learn about the world of Ferocious and how to join.

  • Before you look at anything, be sure you've read the rules. They're extremely important and tend to answer a lot of first thought questions.

  • Secondly, to be sure that this really is your cup of tea (particularly in that of the supernatural genre), go read up on the plot.

  • In order to get a fair grasp of how the world works now, you'll need to head over to the Blood War and brush up on some history of how things went down. Now, don't freak out! It does look like a bit of a read but the latter half is more of additional reading for different parts of the world and how countries were effected. If your character actually took part in the war, all of this will be especially helpful for you.

  • For additional reading (optional) on various subjects mostly pertaining to the setting, see the following: Timeline, Ferocious Observation Log, Technology, Vampire Culture & Government and our Surrounding Cities.

  • If that's all good for you, check out the Site Ratios and throw yourself into the species area to check out the numerous types of playable creatures we have to offer.

  • If you're not feeling too sure about what to make still or have a few ideas but don't know where to pin them to, we always love it and think it really helps when someone wants to take up a wanted character/ad. Many of us are very laid back and open to discussion with those listed and have plenty to choose from for varying relationships, big and small.

  • Something can also trigger by taking look at the available jobs and what organizations are currently in need of.

  • Once you've got something in mind, go take a look at the face claims to make sure any desired playbys are open and the member directory to see who all we have playing what, as well as what first names are taken (as per the rules).

  • If you intend on playing a master vampire and/or a witch, you'll need to make sure that the wanted power(s) aren't capped or if there's something that we would welcome more of.

  • When you feel like you've got a good character forming, I'd say it's time to jump into the application process! If you need to work on it here and there, setting it in WIP is fine and can be moved over to completed once the cherry's been planted on it!
And that's it! You'll be underway of getting reviewed by a staff within 48 hours, as we try to be as quick and thorough as we can though honestly we're a reasonable and flexible bunch. We don't mind if you want or need to pick our brains at a particular character idea and any questions that weren't covered in the reading beforehand can always be inquired about publicly in the cbox or privately via PM or catching one of us on AIM or Discord. Any suggestions or concerns are also welcomed!

On a final note, there's plenty of power positions that are in need of being taken. You can read all about them and if you feel active and comfortable enough to try out for one, please let us know!

We hope you'll enjoy playing here and hanging out with a great community of wonderful writers who enjoy adding to many a story as the world grows, changes, and teeters on the edge of danger. We couldn't run or play on this place without all of you and appreciate you even considering becoming apart of an amazing board. :)

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