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 General Rules, the do's and don'ts
The Nightmother
 Posted on: Jun 12 2014, 02:51 PM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

The Rules
To keep things organized, we ask that you make an OOC account, and any additional IC accounts should be added as sub-accounts.

Character accounts should be first and last name with proper caps (example: Wade Wilson) and first names should not be duplicated regardless of spelling as to avoid confusion. Please use the character’s name that they go by, which may not necessarily be their given one (meaning if their real name is Penelope yet prefer to be called Abigail, you would go with Abigail.)

We do have a species census available strictly for those curious as to what the makeup of the community is. We do not have any caps on either species or gender. Make what you like! We do hope people take up more of the lacking species, whatever they may be, and encourage those that intend on multiple characters to have at least one human who are the crux of many plots. Those rebel rousers!

While Ferocious does not have character limits, members start off with two free characters. Additional characters will need to be purchased through our points system. This is not to limit members’ creativity but to encourage activity with those that they have.

We try not to put any limitations on creativity, but we also believe it's difficult to comprehend time more than a certain length. For this reason, we've put a cap on Fae at 2000 years, and vampires at 1500 for our immortal creatures.

A player can not hold more than two power positions at any given time. A power position is considered anyone who has considerable sway over changing Ferocious lore. Please poke Starling if you have an idea for a power position that you would like to create said character. If you're unsure if a character qualifies, just ask!

When posting a finished app for approval, please post in the Completed forum. For works in progress, please use the WIP forum where you will have two weeks to work upon & complete your masterpiece. If you originally posted in the incomplete board with your character application, you may bump it to inform staff that it has been completed or reach out to the staff in the cbox to move it to the completed forum.

Character histories should be done in third person for clarity to prevent character bias and misinterpretation of past history. (Established 5/26/17) If there are any major changes to be made to your character application after their approval such as a species change or similar effects, please let a staff member know ahead of time!

Applications also serve as shippers so when wanting to plot with another person's characters, be sure to reply to their application thread using the BB codes for icpost1 or icpost2!
Out of Character
Ferocious is a premium board that allows mature content, this means we require all of our players to be at least 18 years old. We are a 3/3/3 rated site. Additional info on this rating can be found here. When posting a mature thread or post that may involve heavy subjects, please be considerate of your rp partner and communicate with them beforehand to make sure they are aware of the thread’s contents. To make sure no one is surprised by mature content, please make sure to put [M] in the title of your thread. Mature can be explicit sexual or violent content.

While we do allow swearing in the cbox, please try to keep conversations civil and mark any NSFW links beforehand so that members are aware when they click on the link. If there are any problems or you are uncertain as to what’s safe to discuss in the cbox, please contact a staff member.

Please do not link to other RP sites within the cbox.

Don’t be afraid to use the @ tagging system with the person’s character name (example: @[Jon Snow]) to let someone know you’ve tagged them either in an OOC or IC post. This will give an alert to that person’s character account & OOC account to inform them they were marked in a post.
We ask that every member stay active on the board with all their characters! Activity on Ferocious means posting 3 times a month with each character a member owns. We don’t have formal activity checks, but the staff will check out activity usually once a month to see how things are going. If we’re unsure if you’re still around, we might reach out to your privately to see what’s up, or if you need help with plotting.

If you’re taking a leave of absence for anything that may be for more than a few days, we ask that you reply to the absence thread to inform staff and rp partners. Please let us know how long you will be gone for, or give an approximation of time. We do not accept LOAs longer than a month. If your LOA will be extensive (or longer than a month) with computer problems or moving (for example), please reach out to the staff personally so we are aware of your situation.

While Ferocious has no word count, please be considerate of your RP partner(s) and give enough to respond to through speech and action. Additionally, we do have a quick shot board for more rapid fire content!
Graphics & Played Bys
Playbys/face claims should be actors/actress, models and musicians only. Faces should look the part of the character’s age for species that are not deemed immortal, ie. (humans, witches, werewolf, and half-fae). All played-bys must be over 18 years of age both in character and the actual person’s age. The staff reserves the right to deny a played by.

To keep everything looking snazzy and uniform, we have an IC post code set for use. There is a button in the bb code called ICPOST when in the posting menu. The code itself is simply [icpost][/icpost]. Do not alter these or add pictures. You are welcome to link whatever pictures you like in the threads as well. Use these templates for the staff’s need for uniformity, please!

All used code and graphic work must retain their original copyright notices in order to be used on Ferocious, failure to comply will result in the staff editing your content to removing the offending code/graphics. The dimensions below are to keep pictures from stretching!

Avatars: 250 x 400px
Signatures: Do not exceed 600 x 200px
Mini-Profile Gifs: 100 x 100px

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