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 F.A.Q.s, For things not covered in the lores!
The Nightmother
 Posted on: Jun 12 2014, 03:51 PM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

Every game, no matter how in depth it's written will usually stir up questions. The universe of Ferocious is a massive place and although we've tried to flesh everything out for you, there may still be lingering questions. These are the most frequently asked. If you have a question that isn't listed here feel free to ask it here and we'll get back to you asap.

Is there a cap on anything?
No. Any given ratios towards species and powers are there for information purposes only. We will not have caps unless we feel that balance is disproportionately skewed. If this does occur, an announcement will be posted to inform present and future members! Same as when any cap is lifted.

What is The Resistance?
This was a former organization primarily made up of humans (though supernatural species were known to aide their cause) to push for equality within New Greenwich. The Resistance supplied food, shelter, and medicine to any human in need and had contacts on many fronts. While supernaturals were few in number in the order, they were still given an opportunity to help, despite any mistrust that might have been felt towards them. While the Resistance itself has largely disbanded, characters are capable of having been a former member, though keep in ming that the Rebellion caused a rift within its organization between those who believed in Ryder O'Connell's ideals- that not all supernaturals needed to be deemed as enemies, and Derek Tennenbaum's ideals- that all supernaturals should be exterminated; and therefore many were eradicated from their positions within the organization, as well as the city.

What is The Calpulli?
This is an organization made up of many species, led by a vampire named Quetzala with her right hand man (witch), Connor Hart, who act as a mafia structure. They induce shakedowns on a number of businesses and hold sway within certain standings, with a good deal of connections throughout the city. Cross them and you'll have more than you'd really bargained for. Anyone that wishes to have their character involved may inform a staff member!

Is travel difficult outside cities?
Yes and no. Travel isn't restricted but there often has to be a good reason for anyone to want to do it in this world, simply because there are different rules for different cities. Typically, you're free to come and go as you please but if you're caught outside the walls after lockdown for the evening, you best pray the Ferocious don't find you and that you see another rising sun (unless you're a vampire, harhar). Planes are used for private use mostly now but trains, vehicles, and ships still run relatively well throughout the world. Just don't get caught out after dark!

What are The Pits?
This is a werewolf set area that is frequently used to let off steam, solve debts, dilemmas, and general tension between people; though it's not officially sanctioned. You're a fae and have a problem with a witch? It's likely you'll end up here to fight it out and settle it that way with designated Watchers (people who do not fight at all but rather are there to interfere in case things get out of hand) present, ready to intervene at any time. It's known that betting and gambling take place there as well.

Can I make a hybrid of any of the species?
The only one possible are half-fae with humans. Even witches, if bitten and turned by a vampire or werewolf, will ultimately lose their abilities in return. Strictly speaking, apart from half-fae, who have their own guidelines in each fae lore, you're one or the other.

Is my character allowed to have a pregnancy/baby on site?
Of course! While we don't expect some babyboom to happen, we (the staff) would like to at least be notified of this as a heads up and hope that the member playing the characters involved (ergo the woman with the pregnancy or the parents with the child overall) are aware that they will have to keep up with this knowledge frequently. It's also a good idea to keep in mind ahead of time of what the child will be species-wise. If fae are involved, be sure to read up on there likelihood of halfbloods. As far as werewolves, witches, and humans, it's always one or the other. Vampires are never born even when conceived with a male of the species as per the lore. Also note that as this is an 18+ site, no characters under that age may be playable so any children are likely to be noted as NPC's.

Where does magic come from and how does it feel to beings who possess it?
Magic is obviously present in all creatures within Ferocious with the exceptions of humans (which makes them unique!). Each species feels magic differently, and each person within that species will understand its existence a little differently. We're not going to tell you how your character feels their own magic working, but know that most species can tell if magic is being used and whether or not it was used by their own species. This doesn't mean they can detect others outside of their own species however, and many cannot. Beyond that we won't make any judgments about how your character senses world magic or their own. If you do have any questions regarding a particular character sensing anothers' magic, don't hesitate to reach out to staff.

What is glamour?
Glamour is a kind of magic that fae use to hide their true forms in order to appear human. They may alter these forms to whatever degree, especially since fae are free to walk among the world but it can immensely unsettling to see a few of them in their natural bodies. While some may have slightly darker or paler, maybe even different hued skin, differently colored eyes, more pointed ears, longer nails, etc. it's recommended and impressed upon them to simply maintain a kind of appearance that would prove far more comfortable to be around.

You said that humans have limited access to education depending on where they end up. What would things like history books look like? Would the previous achievements of humans be erased/glossed over/given to supernaturals? Would it be intensely biased? Would there be any way to see an "unbiased" account of pre-war time?
Yes, it would be intensely biased around the world where humans are enslaved. MOST humans would not have access to books prior to the Rebellion. Most would not be able to read. Yes, there could be a chance to humans to have seen an unbiased account of history, but only if someone has a copy saved over the years or someone of sufficient age willing to impart that knowledge. For NGW, with the changes of humans becoming equals, their access to education and books now will likely have them learn of the truth of the previous world rather than what they were taught or told in the farms or by their owners. It just depends on the individual.

Can I make another pack or coven?
Yes and no. While we'd like for the ones we have to have a decent member base first there is an option to purchase the creation of a new pack or coven through the in-game store. Please note that this will require staff approval in the same way applications are just to ensure lore accuracy.

Do witch children inherit the same powers as their parent(s)?
Nope. It's a free-for-all range of what ability they can acquire. As stated in the lore, it depends on how much they strengthen that one key ability that becomes their primary one. This means a child is capable of any power but one to three/four will surface within them as time goes on, especially if it is exercise early on in their lives. Once a power is activated in that child, it is there forever and cannot be 'switched out' for any other ability.

Can witches make enchantments, charms, talismans, potions, etc.?
Yes, within reason. Even the strongest witch cannot make a 'sun ring' for a vampire simply due to the bindings of magic over that race. The same can be said for similar items for shifters to stop from shifting and the like. Just don't go overboard with anything and have all the fun you want with these kind of concoctions! Be mindful that with transmogrification potions, they only last up to an hour.

Will fledgling vampires of the same sire be able to sense one another like a sire is able to sense their fledglings?
Fledgling vampires of the same sire are not able to sense one another. Additionally, fledgling vampires do not feel the same pull from their grandsire as they do with their own sire. The attraction between vampire to fledgling is unique and is meant as a survival mechanism to ensure that a new vampire does not lose control.

What's the youngest a vampire can be in order to successfully make a fledgling? Until what age would every attempted turning go awry? Additionally, is there a cool-down period between siring people, for example does the vampire need to wait several weeks, months or years before having enough strength to sire someone else?
The youngest a vampire can be to sire another would be just outside of their first 100 years, when the hold loosens between their own sire and they can safely exist on their own if need be. Though it is not advised to do so at such a young age, it is generally accepted that 250 is an appropriate age to sire another. There is no cool down period, but it is considered taboo to simply make an army of fledglings. It is a gift not to be given lightly or en mass. Should someone decide to do so anyhow, they would face retribution from their local council or perhaps even the Grand Vampire Council.

Is there any cap on how many fledglings one vampire can have?
There is no formal cap, although as mentioned before, should an overwhelming amount of fledglings be made, the involvement of the council may be involved and the punishment would be swift and severe. Most vampires only have a handful of fledglings if that over centuries of time, and usually less due to the fear of siring a Ferocious, as well as the intensity of making sure a fledgling turns out to be a productive member for their bloodline.

Is there anything such as '1 out of 10 sirelings will awaken as Ferocious', or have no such estimates been made yet?
There have been no such estimates established as of yet, and this is because of the very private nature of the records which the Nightmother Covenant keeps on turning. This is the greatest fear of a sire: to create a Ferocious. Not only is it frightening, but it is a smudge on their honor and bloodline forever kept in record by the Covenant.

When a sire loses their fledgling, they feel it as a stab of pain. Does this decrease with time? At what point would the sire not feel any pain at all?
It is less as a stab of pain and more as though they themselves can feel the death inside them. Pain, emotion that comes from their fledgling as they pass, and the sudden emptiness that would come with losing their creation would be felt. All these feelings will disappear as soon as the fledgling is gone, except for the emptiness that is left behind where there was once a connection.

If a fledgling awakens as Ferocious, do they still develop a bond with their fledgling? If the fledgling is staked as a result, does the sire feel it in the same way they would if they'd lost a regular fledgling?
A bond is still created and the sire can feel the beast of the Ferocious: the total wild abandonment of any control and only hunger. This bond can drive a sire to insanity, and thus another reason why the fledgling must be destroyed. The loss of the fledgling will feel much like a normal fledgling's passing, although normally accompanied by a sense of relief.

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