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 Plot, how we arrived here
The Nightmother
 Posted on: Jun 12 2014, 10:49 PM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


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How we found ourselves here...
The "cure"
One man. That was all it took to cast the world into a different era: one man with a driven need to do right by his daughter, to end the filthy disease that dared to steal her life and the lives of countless others. Despite their hidden existence, vampires were brought into the light of the public not out of fear or desire for control, but for the sake of humanity itself. From one doctor's genius mind stemmed a cure for cancer. The active ingredient? Vampire blood..

This cure would be our salvation. It would bring the power to further research decades, perhaps centuries into the future. Except the cure was not as much of a blessing as that of a curse.

The Ferocious were made: genetic alternates of the human body biologically tampered by a “cure” for cancer made with vampire blood. These new monsters ran rampant throughout the world.

Humans blamed vampires for their fate, vampires blatantly disavowed any responsibility and lines were drawn. Humans called war on the vampires, and the other supernatural races were slowly brought out of the dark, the species allying with one side or the other. The outcome was not bright for humans.

Almost 250 years after the introduction of SV-153, humans fell from grace becoming nothing more than cattle and servants to vampire and fae kind. Shifters and witches were second class citizens, with far more rights than any human might dream. All around the world the same story is told with slight variations depending on the region the moment the war ended in 2238.

Years after the war, in New Greenwich, Oregon (our current setting), formerly known as Coos Bay, vampires and fae were the primary overseers of this west coast city. With Master of the City Isaac Godfrey in power, the area is known as one of the safest and securest settlements since the construction of The Wall: a massive structure made to keep the feral Ferocious outside its borders. Humans were bred in farms, shifters and witches given their structured schools and territories, and the fae danced on the line of an alliance with the vampire race. Godfrey ruled with an iron fist and fang, with no room for leniency given how any day could be the city's last.

Despite this, civil unrest had taken root in the population of the humans condemned to the Farms and servitude. A resistance was growing, urged into taking matters into their own hands with the unjust actions taken against them.
The Breach
They came. On May 1, 2264, a massive horde of Ferocious managed to over taken the northern gate in the city, cutting through the bridge that served as the only entry and exit on that side of the walled settlement. A beast that had never been seen before charged the way and prompted enough damage to allow the Ferocious to swarm into New Greenwich. Despite the prolific and overpowered soldiers of the Defense Network, the city was swept through in under just a few hours by a force they could have never been prepared for. The city went dark, save for the safezones: emergency territories in the city created by the Defense Network and sustained with Magitech. Barriers were set up in place to ensure that Ferocious could not breach the sanctuaries at night when they raided and ravaged.

During the day, soldiers attempted to take back pieces of the city, steadily securing footholds while daylight hours burn. With the city breached, it placed the citizens of New Greenwich under panic and a terror that all had thought themselves to be safely harbored from. Those of higher class mixed with lower, species with species, and it was only through conjoined efforts of all species that they managed to take back the city at all, forging strange bonds among several races and raising empathy for humans.
The Recovery
Three months after the Breach there were still remnants of the destruction. Through hard work and absolution, the city pulled together to see their city remade. The Northern Gate was rebuilt and reinforced while the D.N. took on volunteers to patch their forces during rescue missions. Little by little, normalcy returned to New Greenwich. Only one Red Zone, the name for areas left unreclaimed by the DN, was left unrecovered. Strong walls were placed between it and the city and no one is allowed access. Soldiers were posted on duty twenty-four seven with heavy surveillance.

In addition to the clean-up and rebuilding of the city, many areas were upgraded and installed with more modern appliances, allowing citizens to live more comfortably within their homes. With the loss of over half of the population, many jobs and houses were open to market. Rather than dwell on the past and difficulties of loss, a celebration was thrown to boost morale. A memorial with the list of names of those deceased or still missing has been erected within Fairweather Botanical Gardens.
The Nightmother
 Posted on: May 19 2015, 03:44 AM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

And so our story continues...
Civil War
In the beginning of 2265, Derek Tenanbaum took the opportunity to overthrow the previous Resistance leader, Ryder O’Connell, backed with a radical splinter sect from within the organization. Two weeks afterward, he was leading an assault on the Vampire Council in New Greenwich. Under new leadership, humans were fighting not only for their freedom but the subjugation of the other species. Many citizens fled, and many more died.

Tenanbaum's Resistance managed to hold onto their ill gains for a few months until a secret infiltration force that had been within the city, allied with the leaders of all the species, overthrew him. It was from this first nascent alliance that the Conclave would be created.
The Conclave & The GVC
The Conclave consisted of one representative of each species, appointed by the most senior member or elder of each. Together they forged something new to the region of northwest America: freedom of humans. In order to forge peace and leave past wars behind, an agreement was settled to release all former slaves to be true citizens of New Greenwich.

The Grand Vampire Council, located in Rome, Italy, which had previously pledged aid to the ailing city to repair itself from the civil war it had fought, rescinded the aid once they heard that a new form of government had taken over with no oversight from a GVC representative. This slight could have been ignored were it not for the slap in the face of humans being raised above slave status. A cold silence was left between New Greenwich and the vampire high government causing concerns for everyone. Would the GVC attempt to take back the vital city which was the largest in the northwest?

Many forgot as the years passed, but The Conclave and many of the fae and vampire citizens continue to worry about the GVC’s possible retaliation. For many, it was not a question of if, but rather when.

The year is 2270 and there is peace for the time being as tenuous as it might be. Humans are free for the first time in New Greenwich since it's inception decades ago. This hasn't been a happy time for everyone, and humans are divided on how they feel regarding being forced to live in only a single district. Crimes against humans are higher now, but only because there were never any rules before about harming humans previously, and some of the other species are having a hard time adjusting.

Witches might as well be humans now, only considered a little better by their fae and vampire counterparts, and werewolves feel as though they're much the same. This new division in power has made many anxious, though vampires and fae seem to care little.

And then there is the Grand Vampire Council. Maximus Regulus, the Master Vampire of Rome, and the GVC are watching New Greenwich with keen eyes, unhappy with the Conclave and their bucking of human slavery. Peace is here now, but the question is, for how long?'

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