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 Face Claim, playby listings here
The Nightmother
 Posted on: Jun 10 2014, 05:00 AM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

Face Claim
These are the claims which are currently taken! Please read below for information on reserves and how to place your face claims.
  • Armitage, Richard
  • Bernthal, Jon
  • Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj
  • Cumberbatch, Benedict
  • Dancy, Hugh
  • Dobrygin, Grigoriy
  • Driver, Adam
  • Ellis, Tom
  • Evans, Luke
  • Fegan, Roshon
  • Gandy, David
  • Harington, Kit
  • Hartnett, Josh
  • Hemsworth, Chris
  • Heughan, Sam
  • Hiddleston, Tom
  • Hold, Jake
  • Huisman, Michiel
  • Hunnam, Charlie
  • Mikkelsen, Mads
  • Murphy, Cillian
  • Pratt, Chris
  • Redmayne, Eddie
  • Reedus, Norman
  • Skarsgard, Alexander
  • Stan, Sebastian
  • Statham, Jason

  • Alba, Jessica
  • Alexander, Jaimie
  • Baker, Darla
  • Bergès-Frisbey, Astrid
  • Chastain, Jessica
  • Clarke, Emilia
  • Deen, Sibylla
  • Eisley, India
  • Hyland, Sarah
  • Leslie, Rose
  • Olsen, Elizabeth
  • Parrilla, Lana
  • Porter, Fo
  • Regan, Bridget
  • Robbie, Margot
  • Speckhart, Anna
  • Stone, Emma
  • Theron, Charlize
  • Wehbe, Haifa
  • Wilde, Olivia

Here is where we reserve face claims. Reserves last for 2 weeks and may be re-reserved for 1 week on the expiration date.
Please use the following code when posting to the reserves. Don't forget to remove the asterisks! The first code is for when you've been accepted. The second is if you'd like to reserve a face before you've been accepted.

[*code]<li>Last name, First name</li>[/code*]

[*code]<li>First name Last name for <b>Player Alias</b> until <b>Date 2 Weeks from Now</b></li>[/code*]

This post has been edited by Fen: Oct 8 2017, 03:00 PM
The Nightmother
 Posted on: May 4 2017, 10:21 PM
age: Immortal occupation: Mother of all Darkness organization: Nightmother Covenant posts: 56 gems: 115


shipper tracker message

These are faces being used for wanted ads. If you're interested in any of these PBs, we recommend checking out our wanteds here. These faces can still be used for original characters as well, but out of courtesy, we ask that you check with the member and look into the wanted first. You may find you like the ad!

If you have put a want ad up and want us to place it here for easy reference, please use the code below.

[*code]<li>Last name, First name</li>[/code*]

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